Between the dramatic mountains, the deep fjords and the fisherman cabins on stilts, you find a newly renovated three-story home featuring 10 spacious rooms with amazing view and a yoga and kayak centre. Get ready for spectacular nature, beautiful orcas, sunny nights or northern lights - Accommodation and activities - Catogården - Reine in Lofoten

the place to stay for mountain view, yoga and hikes, photographie of orcas, midnight sun or aurora borealis.

Accommodation and activities // A big house, with a bigger heart


Catogården is located in the Reinefjorden, one of the 10 most scenic places in the world.

This historic house was originally built to be the house of the landlord of Reine in Moskenes, and is also known by the name The old Town hall. Today Catogården is owned by Runhild, who lives here with her son Sverre. They have opened the door to share their home with adventurous spirits and travelers looking for a personal experience and a wish to make the world a bit more beautiful.

Catogården accommodation is easy to find - we are located next to the bus stop of Reine, gasoline station Circle K, and 5 km from the ferry connecting to Bodø.

By flight: Norwegian fly to Bodø, and SAS also have a direct route to Lofoten, arriving the destination of Leknes and Svolvær. It is also possible to travel here with the Coastal steamer, jump off in Stamsund and then the bus from there, to Reine. If you are looking for car rental, we recommend the Nabobil or Rent Car Moskenes

DESTINATION FOR AN ACTIVE VACATION Catogården is located on the doorsteps of many great day trips and hikes, museums and the most spectacular scenery you can possible find in Lofoten. Surrounded with many possibilities for activityes and adventure, as well as some of the most picturesque photo spots in the world - for Orca`s, midnight sun and Aurora Borealis.

As guest at Catogården you can enjoy your privacy or mingle with other guest in our lounge room. When you rent a room here, you help the family to further rise this historical house.

YOGA, TREATMENT AND HEALING From June 2017 the house offers weekly yoga classes in Kundalini Yoga, by the kundalini yoga teacher Lill Legard, as you can read more about under "team of the house". It is also possible to book Shiatsu treatment, by Lillian Dijkema.

  All prices include bedding, towels, tea and coffee, fibre WiFi and end-cleaning. Breakfast is not included in the price. Free parking and good atmosphere. 

The Orange Room, The Green Room, The Purple Room ..and more. Check out our rooms and availability at the Airbnb booking calendar We`d love to see you as our guest here!

Booking calendar of Airbnb, room in Reine, Moskenes

Lofoten // A place to stay for a good night sleep


When you want to explore the beautiful island of Moskenes or maelstrom of Moskensstraumen, you will find Catogården to be a good accommodation for your stay.

This homely hotel is located right next to the local café Bringen where you`ll be served delicious coffee and homemade cakes. The neighbour restaurant Gammelbua and the tavern of Lanternen have good lunches and dinner, and we strongly recommend you to also try the stockfish at Maren Anna, located at Sørvågen. Cod tunges is served at Underhuset and in Hamnøy between bird mountains, you find the restaurant Krambua.

The convenience store is near by, as well as the exclusive fish shop of Sakrisøya: Anitas sjømat where you can buy locally handcrafted quality seafood (It is also possible to taste whale meat there, if you`re not a vegetarian).

Catogården is also just next to the local ferry of Reinefjorden, that brings you to the secluded beaches of Bunes and Horseide.

If you want to paddle with a guide, visit the kayak center with entrance from our garden! Do online booking at The diving center Aqua Lofoten is a couple of meters from the house. That also goes for booking tickets for fishing trips or rib safaris. The house is close to the football field, the art gallery and tourist information of Reine kultursenter.

The village has a lot of festivals - like the boutique jazz festival Elijazzen in April, the literature festival Reine Ord in June, the homecoming festival Heimkommarn in July, a small Stock fish festival: Tørrfiskuka in August, the light wandering and art event Lysvandringen in September. ..And more!

You find a puppet museum in Sakrisøy, The fishing village museum in Å (where they btw have an amazing bakery and cinnamon rolls), you can find a telecom museum in Sørvågen and The Stockfish Museum in Å. If you have a car, the Blacksmith of Sund and The Viking museum of Borg, is just a day hike away.

We will tell you more of the secrets of the area when you arrive! Where you find natural made pot holes in the rocks, the caves, the geocaching hints, best places to kiss or propose to your love, or more - We grew up here, we have local knowledge behind our service :-)

Your host in the beautiful village of the Lofoten islands!

Norwegian actress, kayak instructor, ordinary sailor, rescue diver, yoga teacher and mother. Owner of Catogården, and at your service :-)

Runhild Olsen started her working career on the ocean of Moskensstraumen in Lofoten, fishing together with her father on the boat Reinejenta`. Later on, after a year of studying wildlife ranging, she set the course to the theatre. Here she spent over 15 years of touring and playing at festivals, for both young and grown up audience. In 2016 she decided to move back to the little fishing village of Reine, with a two year yoga education in her backpack, together with several courses of kayaking  .. and here the adventure of rebuilding Catogården started. The decision to travel back north, has given her the possibility of enjoying pure nature, hiking in mountains, experience wild weather, and grow her interest for harvesting seaweed and wild herbs. When you rent a room in her little homely hotel of Catogården, the money goes to the further renovations of the house. Choose your favourite season, and check out the rooms available at her Airbnb site. You can find more photos on @runhildofreine and #catogården :-)

Kundalini yoga teacher Lill Legård, offering classes and healing in Lofoten.

Lill Legård - your yoga teacher and Sat Nam Rasayan healer in Reine.

Lill is an international certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher as taught by Yogi Bhajan, and Sat Nam Rasayan Healer. Lill travels and teaches in different places in Norway, but mostly in the North of Norway. She has her base in Reine Lofoten where nature is one of her favorite places to recharge after travels.

Lill grew up under the midnight sun and the nothern lights and has a very close relationship with nature. She uses the teachings of the elements in her classes as well as her own life experiences. This makes Lill an inspiring and educational teacher. In her classes you will reach places in yourself that might be new and unexplored to you, or you might just have a very nice calming experience. Lill gives private sessions in Kundalini Yoga and Sat Nam Rasayan healing sessions on request. About Kundalini Yoga and Sat Nam Rasayan: Kundalini Yoga is a branch in the yoga family that inclueds physical excersises, meditation, mantra and breath work. Sat Nam Rasayan is a healing modality within Kundalini Yoga that opens a space within you where you can reach inner peace and balance.




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The guesthouse Catogården, is located in the heart of Reine; known to be one of the most beautiful villages on the planet - with a yoga centre, close to diving, guided paddling and mountain trips, bike rental and the ferry to Reinefjorden. Welcome to the world of adventure!