GATOGÅRDEN GREETS YOU with the intimate and comfy ambience of a boutique home.  All the rooms are different except for one thing: Every window in the house has a spectacular view.

OUR MODERN AND WELL EQUIPED BATHROOMS are shared. However, we keep them squeaky clean, and there are six of them, so that is never an inconvenience.

EVERY MORNING WE INVITE YOU to join a 90-minute kundalini yoga class for free. Or you can use our gym equipment as much as you like. Either way, your body will thank you for it. 

OUR BALCONY is a popular spot to meet fellow travellers, enjoy meals and drinks, and to revel in the midnight sun.

DOWNSTAIRS  you can hang out in the living room in front of the fireplace, drink complimentary tea or coffee from the barista machine, and cook to your heart’s desire in the attached kitchenette (a big word for a very small kitchen).

We have furnished all guest rooms with comfortable beds and a melange of old and new to make you feel like our personal guest. We strive to create an informal, relaxed, and inclusive atmosphere where you can interact or retreat into your private space as you like.

hotel owner
Runhild Olsen

Owner of Catogården 

YOU WILL GET A STRONG SENCE OF HISTORY HERE. A wealthy squire built the first house on the property in 1775. In 1886 the owner received concession as an inn-keeper. During WWII the house went up in flames and later got its name after Mr. Cato Sverdrup who rebuild it after the war.

Mankind celebrated the postwar era with an abundance of children. So did the good people of Reine. Our small school eventually ran out of space and had to source out the first-graders to Catogården. A dance teacher, a dentist, and the entire town hall have also worked under this roof.

SINCE 2016, WITH THE HELP OF VOLUNTEERS from all over the world, I have had plenty of fun transforming the site into a creative guest house worthy of discerning guests and the exclusive title “boutique home”.

The last stage, a proper restaurant kitchen, is still underway. Therefore, we cannot offer to serve you breakfast just yet. However, the nearby restaurant Gammelbua serves a classic breakfast buffet. Or you can enjoy fresh croissants and a latte (and an amazing Lofoten apple cake) in the super cosy café Bringen Kaffebar.

AS A TRAVELER YOU HAVE FREE PARKING at the door, a hundred meters to the bus, a five-minute drive to the ferry, and easy access to lots of outdoor activities.

We pour our hearts into this venture, and luckily, we are blessed with consistently positive feedback from our guests. You can read some of the comments here.

We’re looking forward to seeing you too. Welcome to Catogården!