Climb Reinebringen

If you are not gasping for air already, the view from up here will take your breath away. Climbing Reinebringen is an absolute must, so go either very early or very late to avoid the summer crowd. The sun never sets anyway.

The trail is well within walking distance, about 900 meters from Catogården. The rock face is pretty steep, but a stairway build of stone by a team of sherpas from Nepal will take you from the old road outside the Ramsvik tunnel and almost up to the summit 448 meters above the sprawling seascape. Not exactly Himalayan heights, but the view is truly stunning.

A word of warning though: Please wear proper shoes and dress adequately, bring water and snacks, and watch out for falling debris if there are other people ahead of you. If vertigo is your thing, you might want to consider doing something else …

Depending on your fitness, climbing Reinebringen is at least a three-hour roundtrip 

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