High-Speed Ocean Safari

Join a thrilling speed boat ride with our good neighbours Therese and Lars at Aqua Lofoten Costal Adventure.

Your tour will take you to one of the strongest ocean maelstroms in the world, Moskstraumen, where deep-sea currents intersect with the tide on the shallow ridge between the islands of Moskenesøy, Mosken, and Værøy. Following the orbit of the moon, the tide surges up to two meters twice a day, so gargantuan amounts of water are churning in whirlpools here.

In the safe and comfortable navy-style RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat), you will experience an acute sense of the immense, awe-inspiring power of the ocean. But have no fear, it’s perfectly safe. (The RIB experience is not for pregnant women and people with heart trouble). 



The RIB itself is a lightweight, stable, and very seaworthy craft with a powerful outboard engine, a rigid fibreglass hull, and inflatable rubber tubes along the sides. The high-performance boat boasts all necessary safety equipment. Your guide is a fully certified coastal skipper with extensive knowledge of the local waters. And you are dressed in a proper floating suit, glasses, and a life vest that will see you through any mishap.

However, the trip is not all about speed and adrenaline. It is about the humbling majesty of mountains like Lofotveggen, abandoned settlements, Refsvika Cave, and an abundance of wildlife such as sea eagles, cormorants, puffins, oystercatchers, otters, and seals.

Pods of orcas, families of up to ten individuals, roam the coast of Lofoten, and in a RIB, you can get very close to them. They will make you feel like Sir David Attenborough on an exotic documentary shoot.

Aqua Lofoten’s office is just across from Catogården. They ask you to show up there 20 minutes before departure wearing warm clothes, a woolen beanie, and gloves.

Your safari follows a thorough safety briefing and lasts two action-packed hours. Afterwards, you may need a nap.