Go To The Beach

Build sandcastles, swim in crystal clear water, or bask in the sun at one of southern Lofoten’s dazzling white sand beaches. Our first choice would be a picnic to the isolated Bunes Beach. The only way to get there is a spectacular 20-minute trip with the local ferry from Reine to the tiny settlement of Vindstad. From there you have an easy 40-minute hike over to the beach and a delightful day of sun, sand, and sea breeze.


Wanna go to Bunes or Horseide? The ferry leaves from Reine Hurtigbåtkai, 300 meter from Catogården.
Make sure you are there 30minutes – 1 hour before departure on sunny days! 

If you don’t mind driving a little, the beaches at Kvalvika and Flakstad are also super lovely. There may be other people around, but never enough to spoil the ambience. The water on the sandy beaches is shallow and therefore relatively safe and warm.

At the village of Å, where the main road ends nine kilometres south of Reine, you have the alternative option of swimming in the scenic lake of Ågvatnet.

Salt or sweet, the alchemy of water, sun, and Arctic air is guaranteed to soothe your soul.