Volunteer At Catogården

I HOST WORKAWAYERS. Since I started this project in 2016, volunteers have been a key element of my life. So far, more than sixty wonderful travellers from all over the planet have lived, worked, and partied in this house.

BECOME PART OF OUR DNA. Pitch in. Contribute with your professional skills. Help as best you can in the maintenance and transformation of my house. Be creative. Cook your favourite meals, share your culture, and learn about ours. Take part in the daily chores. And in all the fun.

WE CULTIVATE A CHEERFUL ATMOSPHERE. We laugh a lot, play games, and do not need much of an excuse to sing and dance. If we don’t get caught up in deep conversations about real stuff. On the other hand, whenever you need some privacy, nobody will bother you.

OUTDOORS, some epic walks want to be walked. We go hiking and kayaking as often as we can. When the orcas visit, we simply drop everything and run out to greet them. And we will never seize to marvel at the magic seasonal phenomena of midnight sun and northern light. For nature lovers, this is a paradise. Check out some of your exciting posibilities HERE.

EVERY SINGLE VOLUNTEER has left a permanent trace in the house and in my heart. Generally, volunteers arrive as complete strangers, stay as friends, and leave as family. I have stopped crying when I release a volunteer into the wild again, though. I just overflow with gratitude for our mutual connection. And for your contribution to me and my endeavour.

WOULD YOU BE INTERESTED? Then send me a letter through WORKAWAY.