I wanted to make a fusion of your nordic dreams .. A blend of local lifestyle, experience and adventures, but also a quiet space – just to be: A human in a homely atmosphere.  I want to share what I love the most – the true Lofoten. The real people, culture and history.  A meeting point under one roof. Like a rejuvenating ‘here and now’ …  Welcome to Catogården! 

Runhild Olsen

CEO and Owner Catogården




Here at Catogården, we are guided by a profound sense of Social Responsibility.. Like you, We want a happy life. We desire love, health, and prosperity.

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Why not catch your own dinner? For a very good reason, Lofoten attracts enthusiastic sports anglers from all over the world. Waters here are teeming with gourmet seafood.

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Marinate your body in soul-warming sunshine on a day at the Beach. Revisit your childhood and build sandcastles, play in crystal clear water, or just

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Take your time: Explore Lofoten

Take your time and indulge in a lot of fun in Lofoten .. Do not fall into the trap of rushing from place to place without ever getting to know any of the sites you visit. After all, you did leave the

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