Get To The Bottom Of It

SCUBA DIVING IN LOFOTEN is amazing. Yes, the water is cold, zero to three degrees in the winter, ten to twelve in the summer. But adequately dressed for the occasion, in woollen clothes and a dry suit, you are in for an unforgettable experience.

Our underwater seascape is teeming with life. The Golf Stream and powerful tides bring nutrition for an abundance of plants and animals. More than 150 species of fish make up a permanent buffet for sea eagles and marine mammals like otters, seals, orcas, and other whales. Visibility ranges from slightly murky to epic.

Any dive here will be one for the books. Peacefully drifting in the current along rock walls and through gracefully wafting kelp forests is pure poetry. Then, some rather spooky cave dives are on the menu. And bone-chilling dramas unfold when you explore some of our easily accessible shipwrecks, casualties of both war and weather. Someone died there, so please act accordingly.

Finally, spearfishing is allowed in Norway, though certain species are PROTECTED throughout the year, and minimum sizes do apply.

Join LOFOTEN DIVING in Balstad, less than an hour away from Reine, on one of their fabulous fjord dives. Lofoten Diving is a reputable full-service PADI shop run by Daniel.  He mainly offers boat dives on the fjords. Liveaboard is not an option.