Explore around !


Reine is probably the most charming hub to explore the hundreds of possible activities around. 
Whatever the season is, Catogården offers equipment rentals to get under the skin of a local inhabitant : 

– fishing rod
– snow shoes
– kayak (only for licenced people)


Contact us at info@catogarden.no

What to enjoy ?
3Hike the Reinebringen, more than 1950 steps to this iconic view of the fjord and village of Reine

HIKE – Challenge yourself and hike the 1566 steps of the Reinebringen up to a breathtaking view on the fjord and the village. 

Swimming in the landscape of Lofoten

SWIM – Enjoy a fresh sea bath in the middle of mountains at less than 20 meters from the house. 

DISCOVER – Why not try to catch sea urchin or fish and test some edible seaweed like the truffle seaweed ?


The drying fish heads of Lofoten

LEARN – about fishermans lifes at Hamnoy or Å museums and immerse yourself in the history and possibilities of Lofoten through our library full of testimonies from fishermen & sailors, hiking and cultural guides.