Every morning at 8 am, we start a 90-minute kundalini yoga class, and you are more than welcome to join, free of charge for our customers. A KRI certified kundalini yoga teacher, usually Runhild, leads the way, and no prior knowledge or training is required. Anybody can participate.

The word kundalini derives from the sanskrit term kundali shakti which means serpent power.

The idea is that this immensely powerful snake energy lies coiled up, sleeping, at the base of your spine wondering when you will let it loose on the world. In order to do that, you engage in a specific, meditative and energetic yoga practise which entails posture and movement, breathing, meditation, mantras, and a genuine gong bath.

So kundalini is more about mindfulness and blissful awakening than painful contortion and sweaty aerobics. Your session will leave you clear-headed, vibrant, and full of energy. And you really don’t have to be particularly spiritually minded to reap the benefits of it.

“We participated in the free yoga in the morning which was very nice. You can use the gym with beautiful wooden equipment whenever. Definitely would come again, thank you for welcoming us.”  Leander

“The room and house deco are really nice, connected to produce harmony. There is free yoga 1.5h class for house guests”  Trang

“Warm, welcoming personnel, beautiful scandinavian decoration, breathtaking view, yoga classes”  Jasmiini